Pop Goes The Oil Demand | Resource Investor

The market is playing the technicals because there is diver-gence between cash and futures. So left to futures alone, play as you wish with the charts. Gasoline:Were moving along to the RBZ4 contract as cash trade moves forward. Were looking to resistance 21759, 21988 and 22133. That will give us some room to look back down to support at 21224, 21050, 20833. Distillate:The move is ahead and we switch months and ahead to the Z15 contract. Were looking at support to 24530, 24410 and 24296. The resistance looks above to 25138, 25225, 25236.
Source: Pop goes the oil demand | Resource Investor

The Texarkana Phantom Killer: Part 1 – FOX16.com

It left investigators and the public trembling, fearing another attack would happen right on schedule. But three weeks passed and then a month, nothing happened and calm slowly returned to the streets of Texarkana. So what happened and where did the killer go? Presley believes his research has finally unlocked the mystery. “It’s an opportunity to reconstruct the times, the places and the people of that time.” He also believes he knows who the killer is. “It’s pretty clear that the same hand did all of these attacks and murders.” And why he got away with cold blooded murder. “I was able to dig up enough information to pretty well answer that question,” says Presley.
Read More: The Texarkana Phantom Killer: Part 1 – FOX16.com


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