Manchester United: Analyzing Angel Di Maria’s Recent Drop In Form | Bleacher Report

Everton , Leicester City , and Queens Park Rangers , during whichthe diamond was employed, the Argentine attempted 16 take-ons, completing nine, and created 10 chances ( and Squawka ) With Di Maria, Falcao, Van Persie and Rooney sharing the field together, the team showcased a fluid attack, but they were unimpressive in defense, conceding five goals to Leicester City in a shocking loss. Following the loss to Leicester and a Wayne Rooney red card against West Ham (which would rule him out for the next three games), United’s tactical look shifted greatly. Louis Van Gaal switched to a 4-1-4-1 setup, employing five in midfield to quell the attacks of opposing sides and switched out Ander Herrera for the physical Marouane Fellaini . Since this switch, the back fourespecially Paddy McNairhave found their feet and United have produced some industrious defensive displays, conceding only two goals in their last three matches. Rui Vieira/Associated Press Fellaini has been in rich form for United, but his inclusion in the side is indicative of their recent defensive setup By the same token, Di Maria has been ousted to the wing, often unable to get in behind the defense. He is still being aggressivehe completed four out of eight take-ons against Crystal Palace but there is simply no longer any space for him to run into after he beats a player.
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Toxoplasma gondii plus genetics equals suicide. Toxoplasma gondii alone [eiht] no genetic tendencies [and] no suicide who knows? So how do we get it? Generally from eating raw meat, but the journey the parasite will often take before infecting a human is equally as strange. Toxoplasma gondii creates a phenomenon called fatal attraction syndrome in rodents, which eliminates their fear of cats. They will actually walk up to cats, and of course they will then get eaten by the cat, and the cat will get infected with the parasite, Granath said. So, it almost seems like the parasite is manipulating the intermediate host to enhance its transmission to the next host or the cat, he added. Granath says cats are the parasites favorite host because its the only host animal where Toxoplasma gondii cam efficiently replicate itself. The parasites eggs are shed in the cats feces, and whether thats in a litterbox, or outside in the environment, the eggs are often accidentally ingested by humans.
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