Seeking A Rock – Forging A Tribe | Payson Roundup – Payson, Az

Blessedly, the beauty of the place didnt allow me time to wallow in my anxiety. It was mid-October and the flowers from the seasons unusually wet monsoon carpeted the slope with a dazzling yellow. Wed reached our point of rugged bewilderment off of Forest Road 71 at the base of the Sierra Anchas after passing through several cattle gates, only to wind up stalled out on a slope of boulders. Wed found no trace of the pictoglyph site called the post office nor Journigan rock. My mom loves history, so I thought finding the rock of tough-as-nails pioneer Journigan would tickle her fancy. Journigan was among the first settlers in the area and now his name remains attached to a historic and reportedly haunted restaurant on Paysons Main Street. Born in Flagstaff, Journigan grew up with his grandparents on a ranch in Tonto Basin.
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‘Mind-controlling’ parasite carried by cats may have infected 60 million people | CW39 NewsFix

Toxoplasma gondii creates a phenomenon called fatal attraction syndrome in rodents, which eliminates their fear of cats. They will actually walk up to cats, and of course they will then get eaten by the cat, and the cat will get infected with the parasite, Granath said. So, it almost seems like the parasite is manipulating the intermediate host to enhance its transmission to the next host or the cat, he added. Granath says cats are the parasites favorite host because its the only host animal where Toxoplasma gondii cam efficiently replicate itself. The parasites eggs are shed in the cats feces, and whether thats in a litterbox, or outside in the environment, the eggs are often accidentally ingested by humans. While its something to be aware of, its not a reason to panic, according to Ferguson.
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Lawyer Wearing Only Diaper When Arrested in Home Invasion, Stabbing | | Tucson, Arizona

Police have said the attack apparently stemmed from a workplace dispute. Alecia Schmuhl had worked with the male victim at the Bean, Kinney & Korman law firm in Arlington, but a law enforcement source said she had been fired recently. The Schmuhls, of Springfield, both face two counts of abduction, two counts of malicious wounding, and other charges. During Alecia Schmuhl’s bond hearing Friday morning, prosecutors said her husband, armed with a gun and a Taser, knocked on the door of the victims’ home in the 900 block of Spencer Road in McLean, while posing as an officer. Andrew Schmuhl allegedly tased the male victim and forced his way into the house, ordering the female resident into the bedroom. He bound both the husband and wife with flexible cuffs and told them he was investigating the husband’s law firm, according to prosecutors.
Read More: Lawyer Wearing Only Diaper When Arrested in Home Invasion, Stabbing | | Tucson, Arizona


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