Your Cat May Be Carrying A Mind-controlling Parasite … And It Could Spread To You | New York’s Pix11 / Wpix-tv

MOVED ^Report performed after the Christopher Dorner rampage reveals complaints of unfairness< LAPD-DORNER-REPORT:LA _ A Los Angeles Police Department review of its discipline system prompted by the Christopher Dorner rampage found widespread concerns among officers and civilians that the agency discriminates based on gender, ethnicity and rank, according to a report reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Focus group sessions held with more than 500 department employees found that many of those interviewed believed internal investigations were unfair and that punishments were subjective, the document said. Among the complaints were that the department overlooks misconduct by high-ranking officials and that nepotism infects the disciplinary process. The report, however, also contained data that raised doubts about some of those perceptions of bias. 1050 (with trims) by Joel Rubin and Jack Leonard in Los Angeles. MOVED ^WVU student dies after incident at off-campus fraternity house< ^CMP-WVU-GREEKINCIDENT-1ST-LEDE:PG_ Nolan M.
Read More: [BC-MCT-NEWS-BJT] | Reading Eagle – AP

Veterinarian Trevor Ferguson says suicide is one of the first things students are warned about it school. The occupation does carry a risk with some zoonotic diseases that humans can get and animals can get. But, probably as far as suicide rates, its probably more associated with stress than it has to do with zoonotic diseases, he told us. Granath says in biology an outcome is not always caused by just a single thing, so its hard to say without more research. Toxoplasma gondii plus genetics equals suicide. Toxoplasma gondii alone [eiht] no genetic tendencies [and] no suicide who knows? So how do we get it?
More: Your cat may be carrying a mind-controlling parasite … and it could spread to you | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV


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