Serbs, Russians In First Joint Military Exercise | Triblive

aSerbia’s government wants to try and keep everyone happy,a said prominent Balkan political analyst Tim Judah. aSo the U.S. helps finance and modernize Serbia’s army while now Serbian soldiers train with Russians. In normal times there would be little to say about this, but post-Crimea, these are not normal times anymore.a In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the military exercise was regrettable. aAlthough it is our understanding that this Russian-Serbian joint military drill had been planned for some time, we regret that Serbia decided to proceed. In light of Russia’s actions in Ukraine and its disregard of international law and norms, this is no time for abusiness as usual’ with Russia,a Psaki told The Associated Press. Although Serbian officials say they respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and do not support Russia’s annexation of Crimea, they have refused to impose sanctions against Russia like the European Union and the United States.
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Service dog imposters raise concerns for people with disabilitie – WFSB 3 Connecticut

But, Maher says a new trend could be putting her access at risk. The problem is people are masquerading their pets as service dogs so they can take them shopping, out to eat, or on airplanes. “They put that vest on Fifi, take him into the store. All of a sudden I’ve got a Chihuahua in a shopping cart barking at my dog. That dog isn’t trained to behave and ends up distracting or harming other people or my dog. Maher said. Kristie Baker is just as frustrated. “They’ll bark, they’ll growl at people, they’ll pee inside a building and merchants are becoming a little bit…
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Your cat may be carrying a mind-controlling parasite … and it could spread to you | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

The parasite has been shown to cause personality changes, correlating with mental health diseases like schizophrenia, autism and Alzheimers disease. University of Montana Microbiology Professor Bill Granath says some studies have also found women to be more prone to suicide. Its a very insidious, some of the studies that you can read, how the parasite can attack certain nerves and manipulate various neurotransmitters and cause various mental illnesses. I guess youd call italtered states, he explained. Studies have shown increased recklessness in the infected human population who also have a slightly higher rate of traffic accidents. There have been studies in Denmark that show actually that there is a correlation between cat owners and female cat owners, and various mental problems, Granath stated. Various studies also correlate toxoplasmosis with suicide in veterinarians and while nothing says definitively that the phenomenon is caused by the parasite some believe there is a link.
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