Three Americans Among Dead In Terror Attack On Jerusalem Synagogue | Fox News

The information comes by way of Berlin-based Security Research Labs . Karsten Nohl, Sascha Krisser and Jakob Lell gave an extensive presentation about BadUSB vulnerabilities during the PacSec 2014 security conference in Tokyo last week. While not every stick is vulnerable to BadUSB, it’s almost impossible to tell which ones are, as manufacturers switch part suppliers all the time. MORE: 15 Best Mobile Privacy and Security Apps For those who need a refresher, BadUSB is a vulnerability that would not only allow malware infection of PCs, but could “redefine” any class of USB device into any other a thumb drive could present itself to the PC, and behave, as a keyboard, smartphone or camera, for example. This would obviously be a problem for everyday consumers, but a catastrophe for governmental or financial institutions. You can check out the Security Research Labs presentation for the technical details, but basically, each thumb drive has two components: a mass-storage memory chip and a controller processor, which runs embedded software, or firmware. The mass storage is where you keep documents and videos and whatnot, but the firmware is what makes the stick compatible with other electronics.
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Lost in Suburbia: Revenge of the turkey – News – Dover Post – Dover, DE

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a militant group, said the cousins were its members. A PFLP statement did not specify whether the group instructed the cousins to carry out the attack. Soon after the attack, clashes broke out outside the Abu Jamals’ home, where dozens of police had converged. Residents hurled stones at police who responded using riot dispersal weapons. Residents in the neighborhood, speaking on condition of anonymity for fears for their own safety, said 14 members of the Abu Jamal family were arrested. Mohammed Zahaikeh, a social activist in Jabal Mukaber, said one of the relatives of the cousins, Jamal Abu Jamal, was released in a 2011 prisoner swap and re-arrested recently by Israeli police. He did not say why. Hamas, the militant group that runs the Gaza Strip, praised the attack as retaliation for what it claimed was the murder of a Palestinian bus driver who was found hanged in his vehicle late Sunday.
More: Three Americans among dead in terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue | Fox News

But still, if I were a turkey, I dont think I would take any chances. Id fly up to Canada where they celebrated thanksgiving in October, or maybe find a nice vegan commune where they celebrate the holidays with a tofurkey instead. Of course, Im not a turkey, so I really dont know what turkeys think about this time of year. But clearly the wild turkey I encountered seemed stubbornly determined to ride out the holidays in my neighborhood. He was, in fact, in a big hurry to go nowhere. Hey, you big turkey, get out of my driveway! I yelled out my car window, hoping to get him to move so I could pull into my garage. The turkey feigned indifference and continued to stand his ground.
Read More: Lost in Suburbia: Revenge of the turkey – News – Dover Post – Dover, DE


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