Hillary Clinton’s ‘announcement’ Email Blast Jolts Reporters – Yahoo News

. Hillary Clinton gave vacationing political reporters checking their emails a brief panic attack Tuesday , sending an email blast through the Clinton Foundation with the subject line, “Announcement.” Luckily for them, the “announcement” had nothing to do with her plans for 2016 it was donation-matching offer for the foundation’s benefactors. “In my family, we’re celebrating our first holidays with a beautiful new granddaughter,” Clinton wrote. “We’re also celebrating the generosity and commitment of our incredible Clinton Foundation family and that means you.” Not a good feeling: being on vacation and seeing this in the inbox. (It’s a Foundation $ plea.) pic.twitter.com/yvAVlHJVN7 Gabriel Debenedetti (@gdebenedetti) December 30, 2014 “As we look ahead to an exciting new year, there’s so much more to do together solving problems and seizing opportunities faster, better, and at lower cost,” the former secretary of state continued. “But we can’t do it without you. That’s why Bill, Chelsea, and I will triple every $1 donated to the Clinton Foundation before the end of the year, up to an additional $100,000.” Hillary Clinton emails her foundation list with “Announcement” subject line tease…
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Jenn Frank’s Top 10 Games of 2014 – Yahoo News

It is a first-person runner, hence all the Mirror’s Edge comparisons, and it does have a Rez vibenot only because of the wireframe vector art and the electronica soundtrack, but also because FOTONICA is “on rails.” And because Rez qualifies as a “rail shooter,” I think FOTONICA should, in turn, be called the first-ever “rail jumper.” FOTONICA is best played on a tablet device (the input is snappier), but all versions are good. The iOS version costs less, I think. 7. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood The weirdest thing about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is that this free-to-play money-vacuum is actually semi-biographical, actually based on the real-life career trajectory of Kim Kardashian. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it a reasonably accurate Fame Simulation. Much of the game’s fictional Los Angeles revolves around the villainess Willow Pape*, a cardboard Paris Hilton stand-in who nastily drags you, the player, into a public beefjust as the real-life Hilton did to Kimmy.
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TV’s 14 Most Romantic Moments of 2014

Rafael kisses Jane Jane the Virgin Maybe its all the baby hormones flooding our system, but we love watching these two fall in love. As a teen waitress and a millionaire playboy, five years ago Jane and Rafael shared a first kiss and a grilled cheese to remember. Their instant connection left them with some crazy chemistry, and now thrown together with a baby on the way, theyve found that they bring out the best in one another. He believes she can be brave, and she believes he can be good, and despite the telenovela antics Jane the Virgin is grounded in, the heart of the show is revealed through the raw, realistic emotions that always shine through. What if its meant to be? Jane might be terrified of the answer, but we cant wait to find out. Barry confesses his love to Iris The Flash After realizing the Man in Yellows left him living his life in fear, Barry shocks us all with his Christmas confession to Iris. He doesnt reveal that hes the superhero shes been swooning over for months, no, instead he makes himself vulnerable, confessing the secret hes worked so hard to hide. He loves her now, and he always has, and right before he lets it all out, he hugs her once, just in case its the last time, because he knows that no matter what happens, things will never be the same.
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