Have You Seen This? The Gas Cap Enigma – Tmnews.com: Arts & Entertainment

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Source: Have You Seen This? The gas cap enigma – TMNews.com: Arts & Entertainment

Extremists seize multinational base on Nigeria-Chad border – Yahoo News

They said insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic assault rifles and hurled explosives. “They came in their hundreds driving several Hilux patrol vehicles, trucks and some were on motorcycles and immediately began to throw explosives and bombs,” fisherman Audu Labbo told The Associated Press. He and others reached by phone said the troops fought until they ran out of ammunition Saturday. Details on the attack were slow getting out of the remote area. Some soldiers removed their uniforms and threw away their rifles, Labbo said. Several military officers, politicians and a community leader said only Nigerian troops were at the base. A senior military security officer in Maiduguri confirmed that the Baga base is under the control of the insurgents.
More: Extremists seize multinational base on Nigeria-Chad border – Yahoo News

Deadly Target:Zombie Attack Download | ZDNet

People affected with this virus are no more human and this wide spread virus turning every single individual into Zombies. The zombies were reported to have over taken a small town of New York and every single resident of that town has been infected. The countrys doom is getting closer if Ebola infected people get out to hunt more human.The town has been surrounded by the military and set of special force commando were sent in to eliminate and clear the town. Unluckily no one could survive but only one. This frontline commando is ready to open the counter strike operation equipped with special training and weapon. This lone army shooter knows that there is no turning back and he is entering in to war zone of hell.The never ending waves of horrible infected creature wont let you settle down. They have no fear and walking towards you to make you one of them.
Read More: Deadly Target:Zombie Attack Download | ZDNet


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