Analysis: Global Climate Fund On Gop’s Budget Hit List | Congress | Mcclatchy Dc

That is an increasingly common choice. Nearly 7,000 Jews left France for good last year, according to figures from the Jewish Agency; that is twice as many as emigrated in 2013. A poll last year by Siona, a French Jewish group, found that 74 percent of respondents had thought of emigrating, one-third of them because of rising anti-Semitism. Many Jews feel that Coulibalys murderous attack on the Hypermarche Cacher last Friday would soon have been forgotten had it not been for his links to the Kouachi brothers, whose assault against press freedom sparked massive revulsion throughout France. Those links, however, make it plain that Jews may be the first targets of jihadist terrorism but the West is a wider target, argues Shimon Samuels, head of the Paris office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. What starts with the Jews never ends with them. The French government has made it plain in recent days that it is fully aware of the scale of anti-Semitism, and of its wider dangers. The awakening of anti-Semitism is a symptom of a crisis of democracy, a crisis of the Republic, said Prime Minister Manuel Valls Tuesday in a speech to parliament.
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Trial of final Tokyo gas attack fugitive begins – Yahoo News

She offered her own interpretation of the bill’s language: “It basically says no money is going to be appropriated to the GCF in FY15, because no money has been requested, and if they do want money in FY16, they have to notify the committee on appropriations.” The angst was not entirely misplaced, however. The bill that passed included several provisions that angered environmentalists, including one that prohibited the Environmental Protection Agency from applying Clean Water Act rules to farm ponds and irrigation ditches. And being singled out in the 2015 bill, as the Green Climate Fund was, confirms that it’s on some Republicans’ hit list. Schalatek called the budget move “a clear ‘call-to-arms’ by the Republican congressional majority to focus on undermining President Obama’s international climate agenda.” GCF supporters remain hopeful, though, especially since under the Bush Administration, Republicans supported much higher funding for climate-related international aid. “I have no doubt that it will be a huge fight to get this money, but I don’t think it’s impossible,” Orenstein said. Friends of the Earth and many other groups will be pushing for the funding.
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View gallery A courtroom sketch shows Katsuya Takahashi, a former member of the doomsday cult Aum Supreme Truth at The murder trial of the final suspect in the nerve gas attack on Tokyo’s subway got under way Friday, almost two decades after a cult killed 13 people and injured thousands more. Katsuya Takahashi, a 56-year-old former member of the Aum Supreme Truth cult, denied being involved in unleashing sarin nerve gas on the underground rail system, in an attack that sparked rush hour chaos in the Japanese capital. “I did not know the thing released was sarin,” Takahashi, who has been charged with murder and other crimes, told Tokyo District Court. “I didn’t intend to kill people,” he said, speaking in a quiet voice while dressed in a dark suit with a blue tie. Police captured Takahashi in June 2012, bringing to an end the hunt for those thought to be behind the coordinated release of the Nazi-developed gas, an incident that sowed panic throughout the heaving metropolis. He is also accused of conspiring with other members to send an explosive to then-Tokyo governor Yukio Aoshima in 1995, an incident that injured a Tokyo government official. View gallery Subway passengers wait to receive medical attention after inhaling Sarin nerve gas in Tokyo’s su Takahashi, who was on the run for more than 17 years, was a one-time guard for Aum leader Shoko Asahara, and allegedly served as a driver when cult members released the gas.
Source: Trial of final Tokyo gas attack fugitive begins – Yahoo News


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