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Suge was in the lockup area next to the courtroom when he began experiencing chest pains. But it appears it’s not his heart … it’s his nerves. This is the second time Knight has been taken to the hospital while in police custody — he passed out in a jail cell last November as a result of a blood clot. Suge pled not guilty. If convicted Suge faces life in prison for the death of friend Terry Carter. Story developing … Copyright 2015 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.
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Suge Knight Hospitalized After Panic Attack |

Back in November, Suge passed out while in jail, due to a blood clot in his lung. He was hospitalized and later released. Stay tuned… damn, Suge just going down hill. ursocalledgod panic attack lmao yea right! get ready for the long ride big homie!
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Sound Off! Was Kelsey Poe’s Panic Attack On The Bachelor Real Or Staged? | Reality TV Magazine

Kelsey Poe has come across as the quiet type on the first few episodes of The Bachelor, but last week, we saw another side to the widow, as she spent the entire group date complaining and wearing a fake smile. Then, last night (when she didnt get the one-on-one date), Poe decided it was time to use her widow status to her advantage and tell Chris Soules about her past. Oddly enough, Kelsey was in tears as she told Chris, but when she was telling other women, she was very nonchalant about it all. It was like we watched two completely different women telling the same story. Even creepier was when she told the cameras: I love my story. Wait, what? What is there to love about suddenly losing your husband? Maybe Im confused here.
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‘the Bachelor’: One Woman Needs Medical Help For Panic Attack – Yahoo News

Carly received the first date with Famer Chris, and their outing made this season’s Costco date seem like a blast by comparison. Granted, some of the ladies might have enjoyed the chance to have him breathe on them, but Carly made it clear that she was not one of them and that Chris could keep his pants on, thank you very much. After countless awkward moments (how many eating-chocolate-while-blindfolded scenes does one season need?), Carly got the rose. Things took a tense turn on the date when week-two castoff Jordan popped by from Colorado for a visit (what’s with all the women not taking “no” for an answer this season?). Ashley in particular wasn’t happy about the reunion. Chris quickly got the hint from the ladies and showed Jordan who was previously notable on the show mainly for getting ridiculously drunk the door. Whitney got the date rose, which irked Ashley, who had butted heads with her about whether they should ice out Jordan. A diplomat, Ash is not. The second one-on-one date put the first one to shame.
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Was Kelsey’s Bachelor Panic Attack Real? Host on the Widow’s Controversial Tactics – Today’s News: Our Take |

A Reuters photographer said the bomb exploded about 200 metres (220 yards) from the stadium, engulfing the car in flames, while residents fled in panic. A hospital source said one body had been brought in and 18 people were being treated for wounds, some of them serious. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, although suspicion is likely to fall on Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which has attacked Gombe several times. On Sunday a suicide bombing near a mosque in the market area there killed five people and wounded eight. Nigeria is due to hold a presidential election on Feb. 14, pitting the ruling People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Jonathan against former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari for the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). Both candidates are wrapping up their campaigns for what is expected to be the most closely fought election since the end of military rule in 1999.
Source: Car bomb explodes in Nigeria’s Gombe after Jonathan rally – Yahoo News

Car bomb explodes in Nigeria’s Gombe after Jonathan rally – Yahoo News

The other women were freaking out about Jordan — Ashley was ready to get a posse together and string her up. While Whitney didn’t love it, she articulated it much better. Britt got her date card and ridiculously burst into tears about her fear of heights. Harrison: We’ve never had someone start bawling in the most dramatic way over a date card. It turned out OK, but it was a lot. Obviously, you see they have chemistry and can’t take their hands off each other, but the question is if she’s in Chris’ blindside. Is she right for him or is she the girl everyone says, “No, don’t do this.” And as far as the showering and the makeup stuff, people will have to come up with their own opinions about that. People are going to say, “She knew she had to get up early.
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Panic Attack, Bad Back: Theater Shooting Brings Jury Excuses – Quincy Herald-whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

(AP) One prospective juror said she had a panic attack. Another claimed to have a bad back. A third is in the military and worried he’d be deployed during the trial of Colorado theater shooter James Holmes. Even as an unprecedented 9,000 prospective jurors were summoned for questioning, both sides in the mass murder trial are worried about letting too many potential jurors go. Prosecutors have asked the judge not to reveal why he releases jurors, for fear of handing out a road map for others trying to avoid serving. And defense attorney Daniel King warned the judge who was listing off the reasons to let people go: “You have to consider the fact that people may not want to sit on this jury.” It won’t be easy for those picked. Jury selection alone could last until June, and the trial could run into October.
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Panic attack, bad back: Colo. theater shooting brings jury excuses – Washington Times

Excuses vary, and they show the broad cross-section of those called: One potential juror is the sole caretaker of his severely disabled wife. Another worried his orthodontics business would suffer. Another needed to find day care. Limiting jury service to those without serious financial hardships can also alter the panel, said Joseph Rice, managing partner of the Jury Research Institute, a California-based trial consulting firm. “All of a sudden, you’ve taken a jury of your peers, which is supposed to be a random cross-section of the community, and now it has become dramatically skewed,” he said. Associated Press writer Denise Lavoie contributed to this report from Boston.
Source: Panic attack, bad back: Theater shooting brings jury excuses – Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports

The chosen 24, including 12 alternates, wont be allowed to talk to anyone – even each other – about the case until deliberations start, which means bearing the stressful experience alone. Mental health counseling will be available, but only after jurors see graphic crime scene photos and hear harrowing testimony from victims and reach a verdict. The length that you have to be on this case, and then to tell someone they cant talk about it, that is a huge burden, said Thaddeus Hoffmeister, a University of Dayton law professor. Who wants to live in that bubble? The jurys job will be not only to decide whether Holmes was insane when he killed 12 people and wounded 70 others during the July 2012 attack on a Denver area theater, but they might also be asked whether he should be executed. Research has shown jurors in death penalty cases have suffered nightmares, flashbacks and symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, said James Acker, a researcher on death penalty juries at the State University of New York in Albany. Theyll be barred from sharing what theyre going through and thus not be able to share their feelings, either, Acker said.
Source: Panic attack, bad back: Colo. theater shooting brings jury excuses – Washington Times